Domestic Outsourcing

The changed economic conditions prevailing since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary for UK businesses to outsource their labour to domestic call centers. Smart companies during these times must do whatever they can to eliminate high costs, with thousands of firms struggling to cope with the financial strain caused by the shutdown. This article aims to explore the advantages of call centre outsourcing, not solely during the pandemic, but for the foreseeable future. 

No Constant Recruiting

The first benefit of call center outsourcing is eliminating HR-related issues. Avoid the stress of finding, hiring, and most importantly retaining talent, by passing over rights to a domestic outsourcing hub who can hire whomever they deem a good fit. It will become your center of excellence, being far simpler to manage one relationship (with the provider) rather than numerous employees.

Controlled Costs 

Domestic outsourcing has been proven to render lower costs for your business, specifically by 10-15%. 

Outsourced call centers result in employees’ hourly wages being spread across multiple clients in their books, meaning each call is more cost-efficient, thus saving you money to allocate these funds elsewhere.

Enhance Customer Experience

Refocus time on other important aspects of your business, with many outsourced call centers open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including weekends and annual holidays – giving your customers attention round-the-clock. This also allows your business to generate higher sales – while in-house employees sleep, your external employees are churning passive income. The executives and managers of these centers will also be able to provide your firm with valuable insights, proven strategies, and quality assurance.

Improve Operating Efficiencies

Afford your business the flexibility it deserves and scale your support programs up or down, depending on your needs at the time. Training and re-training your staff can be largely time-consuming, and through domestic outsourcing, you are able to focus on core competencies in other areas of your company. Plus, most outsourcing centers are equipped with the latest technology and cloud-based platforms, which ensures each client is dealt with seamlessly.

Manage Holiday Seasons Better

Another advantage of domestic outsourcing is being able to manage peak seasons more efficiently, such as national holidays, which often induces a spike in customer service calls. It’s quick and simple for your external team to transfer overflow calls to your local team who may be able to deal with a specific inquiry, therefore allowing you to better manage this increased demand.

There are evidently a plethora of advantages to call center outsourcing, which can contribute to helping your business overcome the current COIVD-19 pandemic through cost-efficient labour, on-demand service, and by offering the same or if not even higher quality service for your customers with dedicated outsourced agents.

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