Learning A New Language: 5 Possible Obstacles

Learning a new language isn’t always an easy process. It is not a matter of simply turning pages in a book and memorising vocabulary, but rather a journey which involves a great deal of getting used to. Today, we’re going to explore five of the most common reasons why people stop language learning in the early stages and how you can overcome them yourself. Read on to discover more:

  1. Making Mistakes

We get it. Messing up can cause a huge deplete in confidence – many people feel frustrated when they don’t grasp a term or phrase straight away, having put effort into nothing. But it’s important to remember not to think this way, as language learning comes with an abundance of ups and downs which is all part of the process! Practice makes perfect after all, right?

  1. Impatience

Be patient. Your language adventure will take time and you won’t grasp it immediately. Take it slow and steady and most importantly manage your enthusiasm – we all crave the feeling of motivation in the initial few weeks, and when we don’t notice instant progression it often makes us question whether or not this was all worth it in the first place. We’d recommend taking 10 to 15 minutes out of your day which is easily manageable, rather than commence an extremely intense self-made crash course which inevitably, won’t lead to long-term results. Use language learning apps if you don’t have much time on your hands – simple, fun and portable!

  1. Language Plateau

Mastered intermediate level but not sure how to move forward? This is another common cause to stop pursuing a language. You’ve been studying for some time now, learned all the tenses, grammar rules and essential phrases – but now feel stuck in a rut. To overcome this, it’s necessary to move on to deeper interaction with native speakers. This will really give your language skills the boost it needs, as you’ll begin to naturally expand your vocabulary based on the topics you are interested in. Now you can watch your skills soar!

  1. Lack of Immersion

Language learning online should be made fun. We hate to admit it, but if you’re still following textbook rules then you’re heading in the wrong direction. Diversifying your learning sources is essential to boost motivation and make language learning a part of your daily routine. Think Netflix, radio, international music playlists and much more – the platforms you need are all readily available to take you to the next level.

  1. Unclear Goals

Last but certainly not least, always keep your goals in sight. Why are you really learning a new language? Whether it’s moving to Japan, becoming a translator, or simply being able to have a basic conversation with no hesitation – stay focused on your goal. Trust us, you’ll notice a greater motivation to learn and stay committed to reaching the final destination!

Hopefully you continue pursuing the language of your dreams and stay fluent for success –  where the possibilities are endless.

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