10 Easy Marketing Ideas To Reel In More Clients

Innovative photography marketing can be a hugely challenging aspect of scaling a business. It can be really tough to get your name out there and share your brand with the world, especially when you know you have so much to offer. From Instagram’s tough algorithm to competing in a saturated market – it might be challenging but it’s not impossible to give your brand the credit it deserves.

We always get asked what our best tips are for aspiring photographers, so here’s ten easy and free photography marketing ideas to make your business blossom:


It’s not uncommon for photographers to confuse selling and marketing. Sales is simply a small subset of marketing. Often people will plaster flash promotions on social media, offer discounted packages and limited time deals for their clients – which may be profitable in the short term but adds little value to your audience, especially in the early stages. 

Before you go ahead and focus on selling, you must work on building your audience and create meaningful trust with them first. Focus on sharing truly valuable content for prospective clients, and the results will follow naturally. Remember that you must deliver consistent value before asking for the sale, but trust us – you’ll get there.


Competitions and giveaways are both fantastic techniques to boost visibility to your business. Why not offer a free portrait photoshoot for your followers or run a print giveaway? Create an aesthetic infographic for your social media channels, which your audience can share on their own accounts and watch your engagement soar.

Alternatively, you could post an image that you’re really proud of, and ask your followers to tag up to 3 friends for a chance to win. These are both brilliant methods to maximise interaction with your ideal target market and create leads in a perfectly natural way.


If you’re a wedding or portrait photographer, building your email list will be one of your greatest assets. Don’t let your audience think you’ve disappeared and ensure you regularly stay in touch with them. Thankfully, the old-school emailing system is not impacted by social algorithms, which can be a super tough nut to crack. Your email list is completely in your control, and it can also be a more personal way to connect with your clients.


It’s time to branch out on your social channels, because Tik Tok is one of the best platforms you can have right now. With more than 800 million users, this video-based app has totally dominated the social media industry – and the best thing about it is that pretty much anyone can go viral. You don’t need to be famous or already have lots of followers – just a few simple hashtags can get you where you need to be. Photographers are especially benefitting from this platform and you’d be missing out not trying it.

Video idea: film yourself editing your favourite shot from a recent wedding or portrait photoshoot. Tik Tok is a place of fun and also learning – the possibilities are endless!


Mastering the other social platforms is another effective measure you can take to boost your brand’s awareness. Let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with it. But the best budget-friendly way to market on these platforms is to post regularly, while maintaining a high standard of work. 

If you’re still adding the final touches to a recent shot, why not post a behind-the-scenes story on Instagram or share some video clips from your favourite wedding location? You could even show where the magic happens in your studio, which we mentioned at the start is a great way to create a genuine relationship with your audience.


Networking is one of the most important skills you can have as a photographer. Aligning yourself with other business owners in a similar niche can be hugely beneficial. Find fellow photographers in your city or local area who you can collaborate with, create spectacular content with – share insights and inquiries with. If you’re already booked up on a date, why not pass this booking onto someone else you can trust? 


Pinterest is used by almost all content creators. It’s an enormously powerful search engine which collates incredible content from photographers and hobbyists alike, where users can add pins to their own boards for inspiration and share on other socials. Just make sure you stick to posting images that fit your niche for top engagement. Pin images that will inspire your audience – and don’t forget to use the best hashtags so others can find your boards (we’ll get to that later).


Creating a strong referral network with other photographers is another commonly used technique to enhance brand awareness. As mentioned in point six, not only is it a great opportunity to share clients and make new connections in the industry, but it’s also a great opportunity to speak to local businesses and see if they need any content. Then, reward these clients with an incentivized referral scheme. This could be 10% off future packages, maybe a free print – whatever works best for your business. Word-of-mouth marketing can result in truly unprecedented growth.  


Don’t make the mistake of posting your hashtags in the description of your image. This should go in the first comment a few minutes after you post, and you must ensure they’re as targeted as possible. Think specific locations and topics. But be warned – Instagram can block your account for using the same hashtags, so don’t forget to switch them up each week.


Conquered the steps above? Now it’s fair to say that you’ve earned your salesmanship! Now you’ve got a genuine audience that trusts your brand – why not offer a fun promotion? Set up a targeted email list and offer a select amount of people the chance to win a mini session, or let them know about a holiday promotion. These techniques could increase your chance of securing more bookings in the near future.Marketing is evidently key to the expansion and longevity of your business, and as long as you use the tips above, you’ll definitely head in the right direction. Discover more blog posts on our website today.

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